-- Q:How do I keep the music playing even when changing pages.

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Q:How do I keep the music playing even when changing pages.

1. First please go to Image Management  Upload Images to upload images. 
2. If you did not specify a category, there would be a dialogue popping up, to ask you to enter a category. Please enter the name and click on confirm.  
3. After uploading the file, there will be a list of uploaded files at the bottom.
4. Please go to "Image Management"  "Search Images" to look up the URL for the music file. 
5. Copy the URL of the audio file. 
6. If you wish the background music not to be interrupted even when going from one webpage to another, you can add the following source code. Please note that this source code will replace your splash page, if you did have a splash page, it will not be shown. 

  Please copy the source code below.  
  Paste it back to Windows Notepad.
1>Replace "TOMEET FAQs"  with your own web slogan. 
2>Change the into the URL of the audio file.
3>Change to the URL from Image Management>Set Template 

 Go to "Image Management"  "Set Template". Paste the source code in the middle of the column.   
 Click on "Update".

9. Congratulations! You have completed the settings. You will find that the background music will not be interrupted because of page changing. 

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