-- Q:How do you upload music or video to your website?

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Q:How do you upload music or video to your website?

1. Please go to image management  Upload Images to upload the music or video files

2.If you did not specify a category, there would be a dialogue popping up, to ask you to enter a category.

 Please enter the name and click on confirm.  

3.After uploading the file, there will be a list of uploaded files at the bottom.

4.Please go to "Image Management"  Search Images to find the music file
5.Copy the URL of the music file.
6.Please change the place selected to the URL:


7.Go to "Module" "Custom Module" and paste the source code in the description. 
1. Enter the name for the module

2. Paste the source code of the music file

3. Click Add.
8.Go to "Page Layout" Home Page
1. Please select the custom module from the drop down menu.

2.Click Add
3.Click Update
9.After clicking on Add, you can see the music file or video file at front office.

10.(Copy the source code as following and paste it to Windows NotePad, all you have to do is to change the URL of the audio file.) 


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