-- Q: How can I make the website play randomly?

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Q: How can I make the website play randomly?

If you would like to play the image files in turns and randomly, the ads need to be of the same size and placed on the same module. But the ad would only change when you refresh the page. And the system plays them randomly instead of following certain order.    

1. Here’s how it works:
First you need to go to "Ad Size" of "Image Management" and fill in the ad size.  It needs to coincide with the ad. size. If the width and height of the image is 100X200, then you need to set the ad size as 100x200. 

2. And then please go to Ad. Details. First select the size created from Ad. Size, then upload the ad image. You can keep uploading images of the same size, and they will be broadcasted in turn and randomly.

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