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Q: How to upload an index page?

1. Use webpage making software (Example: Dreamweaver) to create a web page in Html format. Save the files used in the webpage (Like image files, flash, music files, js file) to same folder.

2. Compress the folder and make it a Zip file. 

3. Go to "Template"  "Add Template". Upload the zip. file.  

4. Go to "Template List", you will see an URL list for the uploaded index page.


5. If you would like to set the template as the index page of your website, please go to "Set Template"  Template to select it.  

6. After selecting the a template, a new window will pop-up. Please click on  to save and return to the page. 

7. Click on "Update" and "OK", the new index page setting will be saved.

8. Enter the URL of your website in the Address Box. You should be able to see the index page.

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