-- Q: How can I get my website on top of Google (Or other website for that matter) search list?

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Q: How can I get my website on top of Google (Or other website for that matter) search list?

First of all you need to know what people are searching for and what the competitions of keywords are.
For example, I can get my website on the First page, First Line on yahoo and Google in a matter of few days once my webpage is indexed.
Keyword: "web hosting glossory"
For the above keyword, if there is 0 competition, then my website will be on first page, first line of Google and yahoo.
But the question becomes, what good is coming on first page of a search engine for a keyword when no body is searching for it.
For example: This new website is up and running for the last 1 month only. Search for "web hosting glossory" on yahoo, and this website is appearing as 2nd result on first page:)
The word web hosting is very highly saturated word. But the website owner had made a mistake, he misspelled the word Glossory. Hense, his website did beat all the competitions.
But is this bringing him traffic? The answer is no. There is no body searching for it.
Here is Summary:
1. Write down the keywords that are applicable to your website.
2. Go to
3. Find what keywords people are searching at yahoo that matches your keywords.
4. Analyse the competion by searching for each keyword in yahoo and google.
5. Once you have found the nitch keyword. This is what you need to do to come on first page.
5.1 Your Title should have that keyword
5.2 Your URL should have that keyword and your URL should be seo friendly.
5.3 You should have one H1 tab with that keyword
Most likely this will bring you on the first page, But it is not easy. Don’t spam, don’t pay anybody any money for generating traffic. Don’t trick the search engines, because sooner or later they will have the last laugh.

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