-- Q: Why is it very slow when opening Home page?

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Q: Why is it very slow when opening Home page?

A: If the website opens too slowly, you can check the following: 
1. Check if the webpage is overloaded with pictures:
Check if the webpage is overloaded with pictures, hence the slow speed when downloading. Picture files and videos take up a lot of bandwidth.
2. Check if you are using picture files in .bmp format:

".bmp format" takes up a lot of band width, so we strongly suggest that you convert ".bmp"to ".gif" or ".jpg" and then upload it. It would improve the opening speed a great deal.
3. Check if the original products image, ad image are too big:
Although we can use HTML editor to change the display size for image files. However, it would only change the display size instead of the actual size. We strongly suggest the users to resize the pictures, in order to save the time and space when downloading. Do not place too many big size images in at the same time.  
4. Internet bandwidth problems:
Too many visitors at a time could also slow down the speed when browsing.
5. More than 30 products in hot module:
For the items you place in hot module, when there are too many of them, the website would load
all items before you can see it. Therefore, we strongly recommend our users not to place items or information items in hot module unless necessary.

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